Excellence in Education Grants
provides resources for campuses and departments to support
and execute innovative ideas, programs, materials, equipment,
and various other needs that enhance student learning.

2022-2023 Grant Applications are NOW OPEN for
ALL Round Rock ISD Teachers & Staff!

Deadline to apply is Sunday, June 5th at 11:59PM

Excellence in Education Grants
will be awarded for grade-level, campus, multi-campus,
department or district projects!


Questions? Please contact Emily Butler @ (512)464-5600 or Emily_Butler@rrisdeducationfoundation.org

Equity Program ~ Materials ~ Speaker
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Curriculum ~ Curriculum Development

Service Learning
Supplies ~ Books
Software supporting new/existing technology

Congratulations to the 2021-2022
Excellence in Education Grant Winners!
55 grants & $125,000 in funding

Check out the Celebrity Announcers
for this years winners:

Westwood Learning Community

  • Canyon Creek Elementary Library, Julianne Bamford, A VIRTUAL Who's Who of Popular and Diverse Movers and Shakers, $2,598.00

  • Laurel Mountain Elementary, Tracy Defendorf, "We like good books and we cannot lie," $1,600.00

  • Purple Sage Elementary, Alayna Stoll, Makerspace Glow-Up, $4,921.00

  • Round Rock Opportunity Center, Gwendolyn Thomas, Leader in Me-Stephen Covey, $5,000.00

  • Spicewood Elementary, Ana Hoang, 1st Grade Innovation, $1,000.00

  • Westwood High School, Tim Bray, Voices from Austin's Country Music Scene and Beyond, $900.00


Stony Point Learning Community

  • Hernandez Middle School, Teri Flores, PE equipment, $1,500.00

  • Herrington Elementary, Kimberley Miller, Pathway to outdoor exploration, $1,420.00

  • Herrington Elementary, Kristen Castillo, As a Matter of Fact, I Can Subtract! (And multiply too!), $700.00

  • Herrington Elementary, Talitha Dixon, Pollinator Power, $515.00

  • Redbud Elementary, Shannon Houston, Representation Matters! Helping Teachers Build Culturally Relevant Classroom Libraries, $1,650.00

  • Robertson Elementary, Clover Bolton, Equity in Early Literacy, $4,000.00

  • Stony Point High School, Kathrine Lopez, Forensic Pathology, $2,355.00

  • Teravista Elementary, Danielle Doeckel, The Vend is Near: A Book Vending Machine to Engage and Excite Readers, $5,000.00

  • Union Hill Elementary, Roxanne Canamar, Picture Frames: From Waste to Decor Galore!, $500.00


Round Rock Learning Community

  • Bluebonnet Elementary, Tara Schnell, Meeting the Sensory needs of students, $618.00

  • Bluebonnet Elementary, Katie Elder, Learning Through Outdoor Play!, $941.00

  • Cactus Ranch Elementary, Rachel Walker, Music Play For All, $175.00

  • Cactus Ranch Elementary, Crystal Bridge, Read Naturally Live Readers Rock!, $690.00

  • Chisholm Trail Middle School, Kirby Williams, Diversity Rocks, $3,000.00

  • Deep Wood Elementary, Tina Risinger, Ready, Set, Middle School!!, $920.00

  • Great Oaks Elementary, Lindsay Brazell, Third-grade book study, $1,872.00

  • Great Oaks Elementary, Kristie Campo, Reading or Not--- Here We Come!, $2,500.00

  • Great Oaks Elementary, Staci Linson, Fidget to Focus, $570.00


McNeil Learning Community

  • Brushy Creek Elementary, Shelbi Roohms, Brushy Creek Campus Vegetable Garden, $4,900.00

  • Elementary DAEP, Amanda Sickert, Planting Seeds To Be Mindful, $2,771.00

  • England Elementary/Forest North Elementary, Susanne West/Angie Bell, 5th grade Art Collaboration Project, $700.00

  • Forest North Elementary, Richard Raney, Movie Making at Forest North Elementary, $216.00

  • Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy , Jamie Wright, Young Voices - Encouraging Readers Through Community Engagement, $646.00

  • Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy, Kimberly Sotello, Supporting the Sensational Brains of JLJ, $1,015.00

  • Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy, Rebecca Litovsky, Elementary Engineers: Weekly STEM Challenges, $1,500.00

  • Pearson Ranch Middle School, Amanda Bindel, Reading Rhumba: A Schoolwide Read-aloud, $840.00

  • Wells Branch Elementary Arts Integration Academy Elementary, Kari Maurer, Building Lifelong Readers, $2,500.00


Cedar Ridge Learning Community

  • Berkman Elementary Arts Integration Academy, Briana Malia, Shoes That Fit, $1,000.00

  • Berkman Elementary Arts Integration Academy, Jen Holsinger-Raybourn, Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls, $4,000.00

  • Blackland Prairie Elementary, Stephanie Inzana, Mobile Story Walk - Connecting with students through stories, $1,092.00

  • Callison Elementary School, Kathy Potral, The Mensa for Kids Reading Project, $633.00

  • CD Fulkes Middle School, Counselor, Vicki Gardiner, Counseling Program Resources, $295.00

  • Cedar Ridge High School, Jennifer Kaszuba, The intersection of life and art, $2,445.00

  • Cedar Ridge High School, Claire Jones, 2021 Global Read Aloud, $760.00

  • Forest Creek Elementary Library, Ella Elliott, Building connections and community with enrichment clubs, $882.00

  • Gattis Elementary, 5th Grade, DL Aissa, Fletcher, STEAM SEL Community Garden & Outdoor Learning Area, $1,200.00

  • Ridgeview Middle School, Jennifer Bingham, WEB leader fund for incoming 6th graders, $500.00

  • Ridgeview Middle School, Maryadele Troxler, Principal Grant, $840.00

  • Success High School, Alberto Perez, Phoenix Rising Young Men's Mentoring/Life Coaching Group, $2,000.00

  • Success High School, Ellen Lukasik, Let's Move Forward, $1,500.00

  • Voigt Elementary Arts Integration Academy, Hillel Davis, All Abilities Sensory Room, $2,027.00



  • Behavioral Health Services, Larissa Gomez, Coping Tools, $5,000.00

  • Brushy Creek Complex/Maintenance, David Hoedebeck, Safety Awareness, $1,000.00

  • Custodial Services, Ruben Dominguez, Motivational Tools, $1,000.00

  • Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion , DeWayne Street, Support of campus projects, $5,000.00

  • Fine Arts Department, Marla Valk, Dress a Dancer, $1,000.00

  • Future Readiness, Rebekah Van Ryn, AVID Senior Success, $2,000.00

  • Health Services Department, Brandy Hafner, Making Hearing Tests More Accessible, $2,040.00

  • Professional Development, Edie Binns, Round Rock ISD Virtual SummeRR Camp, $1,000.00

2021-2022 Grant Winner Photos Coming Soon