Excellence in Education Grants

provides resources for campuses and departments to support

and execute innovative ideas, programs, materials, equipment,

and various other needs that enhance student learning.

Winner Announcements to be made in August 2021

~supporting $100,000 in innovative grants~

Congratulations to the 2020-2021

6 - $1,000 Grant Winners at Kick Off!

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Congratulations to the 2020-2021

Excellence in Education Grant Winners!

51 grants & $105,756 in funding

Anderson Mill: $680 for Sturdy Books for Little Hands - Christine Margocs

Berkman ES: $455 for Oh, the Places we will go…Virtually! - Sarah Kamas

Blackland Prairie: $2,000 for Connecting Kids through Stories - Stephanie Inzana

Bluebonnet: $1,120 for Learning through Play - Katie Elder

Bluebonnet: $1,000 for Bluebonnet Elem Sensory Pathway - Laura Gavin

Bluebonnet: $1,000 for Bluebonnet Discovery Hour and Enrichment - Madison Kennedy

Cactus Ranch: $3.500 for Near Pods - Natilie Hubert

Caldwell Heights: $2,000 for Headphones for our School - Gabriela Salerno

Callison: $664 for Reimagining our Cafeteria Culture - Melissa Payne

Canyon Creek: $961 for Empowering Readers - Emily Jee

Canyon Vista: $4,950 for Building Robots and STEM Leaders of Tomorrow - Lorena Cuevas

Caraway: $2,800 for Hands-on Virtual SEL Learning - Sunnie Schuler

C.D. Fulkes: $4,900 for Providing low SES Instrumental Musicians the supplies needed to stay competitive in a virtual environment  - Jon McPhail

Cedar Ridge: $2,600 for Construction Learning Modules - Michael Plaza

Chisholm Trail: $4,850 for Technology & Consumables for Argument Driven Units

Chisholm Trail: $1,000 for The Language of Arts Visual Literacy - Chris Caldwell

DAEP: $1,200 for Mindfulness Grows Here - Amanda Sickert

Deep Wood: $2,400 for Growing Powerful Readers - Elaine Deanda/Gabby Seale

Deerpark: $1,500 for Leveled and Diverse Texts - Jerry Marie Rodriguez

Double File Trail: $422 for Kinder Cool Down - Tiffany Vogelman

Elsa England: $2,000 for Literacy Without Borders: Growing a World Languages Collection for All Learners - Emily Kupersztoch, Amy Terrazas, & Taryn Ostendorf

Fern Bluff: $2,250 for Walk this Way - Jennifer Mercer

Forest Creek: $950 for Brain Breaks Bring Better Behavior - Liliana McSween

Forest North: $1,500 for Those Kids Got Skills: Social-Emotional Skills Classroom Libraries Initiative - Kristen Fournier

Great Oaks: $910 for Sensory Path Hallway - Deena Wolff

Hernandez: $2,500 for STEM Think Tank - Kelly Perch

Herrington: $670 for The Write Start - Kendal Mowers

Herrington: $1,730 for Building Equity Through Culturally Responsive Literature - Leigh Ann Burnell

Hopewell: $640 for STEM Enrichment for 8th Grade Science, Coding and Technology Classes - Andrea DeAngelis

Hopewell: $2,000 for Leemos para Aprender - Claudia Faulkner

Joe Lee Johnson: $1,000 for Classroom Carpets Come Alive - Kirsten Prudhomme

Live Oak: $870 for Outdoor Learning - Carol Hand-Bryan

McNeil: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits- AVID -Dan Nguyen

Pearson Ranch: $2,000 for Circle of Arts Friends - Stephanie Ludlow

Pond Springs: $2,000 for Fine Arts Got Talent: Art and Music Collaborative - Ellen Frazier

Purple Sage: $1,470 for Technology Enhancing Reading - Danielle Oehler

Ridgeview: $660 for Functional Feedback - Angela Floyd/Anita Savva

Ridgeview: $4,100 for Professional Sketching in CTE - Mat Bartley

Ridgeview: $1,000 for Principal Grant - Travis Mutscher

Robertson: $870 for Light Up Our Life - Melissa Toy

Round Rock: $3,500 for Discovering the Importance of Biology Through Student Directed Inquiry and Project Based Learning - Marla Menchaca

Round Rock: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits, AVID - Cynthia Clement

Round Rock: $1,000 for Principal Grant - Matt Groff

Round Rock: $3,500 for CAD Pattern Making and Plotter

Round Rock ISD Custodian Department: $1,000 for Motivational Gift Cards/Tools - Ruben Dominguez

Round Rock ISD Community Education Department: $2,000 for Parent Seminars - Kelly Martin

Round Rock ISD Curriculum Department: $2,600 for Argument Driven Inquiry - Askia Little

Round Rock ISD Curriculum Department: $2,200 for STEMFest 2020 - Darell Emanuel

Round Rock ISD Fine Art Department: $2,000 for Addressing Hunger in Round Rock - Tim Lowke

Round Rock ISD Future Readiness Department: $2,500 for AVID Senior Celebration - Dr. Lora Darden

Round Rock ISD Gifted and Advanced Academics Department: $5,000 for AP Exam Fee Scholarships - Michelle Swain

Round Rock ISD Professional Development Department: $1,000 for Professional Learning - Edie Binns

Round Rock ISD State and Federal Department: $1,500 for Meeting Homeless Youth Basic Needs - Desiree Le

Round Rock ISD State and Federal Department: $3,000 for Pre-K Rodeo and Rock Ready - Margo Vogelpohl

Round Rock Opportunity Center: $2,000 for Using Hydroponics and Ag-Science to Spark Interest in Biotech Careers -James Allen

Sommer ES: $2,000 for Book Club Bonanza! - Corianna Gagliardi and Amanda Williams

Spicewood ES: $1,500 for Facilitating Inquiry Through Participation Experiences - Alexandra Peoples

Stony Point HS: $2,500 for STEM Time with the Ambassadors of STEM - Pamala Bethke

Stony Point HS: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits, AVID - Staci Gammage

Success HS: $1,300 for Computer Science for All - Ellen Lukasik

Success HS: $2,000 for Phoenix Rising Young Men’s Service Group - Rodney Page

Success HS: $785 for Young Women’s Mentoring Group - Jo Moyer

Teravista ES: $1,072 for Seeing Myself in the Literacy Library - Stephanie Stoebe

Union Hill ES: $2,200 for Outdoor Classroom - Sandra Aguais

Walsh MS: $1,450 for Speak Up! Listen Up! Level Up! - Marlin Parrack

Westwood HS: $1,100 for Raising Awareness about Anxiety - Trissa Williams

Westwood HS: $1,360 for Reading Cultural Landscapes - Tim Bray

Westwood HS: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits, AVID - Jessica Rinehart