Excellence in Education Grants

provides resources for educators to execute

innovative ideas, programs, materials,equipment,

field trips and various other needs that enhance student learning.

Congratulations to the

6 - $1,000 Grant Winners at Kick Off!

Congratulations to the 2020-2021

Excellence in Education Grant Winners!

51 grants & $105,756 in funding

Anderson Mill: $680 for Sturdy Books for Little Hands - Christine Margocs

Berkman ES: $455 for Oh, the Places we will go…Virtually! - Sarah Kamas

Blackland Prairie: $2,000 for Connecting Kids through Stories - Stephanie Inzana

Bluebonnet: $1,120 for Learning through Play - Katie Elder

Bluebonnet: $1,000 for Bluebonnet Elem Sensory Pathway - Laura Gavin

Bluebonnet: $1,000 for Bluebonnet Discovery Hour and Enrichment - Madison Kennedy

Cactus Ranch: $3.500 for Near Pods - Natilie Hubert

Caldwell Heights: $2,000 for Headphones for our School - Gabriela Salerno

Callison: $664 for Reimagining our Cafeteria Culture - Melissa Payne

Canyon Creek: $961 for Empowering Readers - Emily Jee

Canyon Vista: $4,950 for Building Robots and STEM Leaders of Tomorrow - Lorena Cuevas

Caraway: $2,800 for Hands-on Virtual SEL Learning - Sunnie Schuler

C.D. Fulkes: $4,900 for Providing low SES Instrumental Musicians the supplies needed to stay competitive in a virtual environment  - Jon McPhail

Cedar Ridge: $2,600 for Construction Learning Modules - Michael Plaza

Chisholm Trail: $4,850 for Technology & Consumables for Argument Driven Units

Chisholm Trail: $1,000 for The Language of Arts Visual Literacy - Chris Caldwell

DAEP: $1,200 for Mindfulness Grows Here - Amanda Sickert

Deep Wood: $2,400 for Growing Powerful Readers - Elaine Deanda/Gabby Seale

Deerpark: $1,500 for Leveled and Diverse Texts - Jerry Marie Rodriguez

Double File Trail: $422 for Kinder Cool Down - Tiffany Vogelman

Elsa England: $2,000 for Literacy Without Borders: Growing a World Languages Collection for All Learners - Emily Kupersztoch, Amy Terrazas, & Taryn Ostendorf

Fern Bluff: $2,250 for Walk this Way - Jennifer Mercer

Forest Creek: $950 for Brain Breaks Bring Better Behavior - Liliana McSween

Forest North: $1,500 for Those Kids Got Skills: Social-Emotional Skills Classroom Libraries Initiative - Kristen Fournier

Great Oaks: $910 for Sensory Path Hallway - Deena Wolff

Hernandez: $2,500 for STEM Think Tank - Kelly Perch

Herrington: $670 for The Write Start - Kendal Mowers

Herrington: $1,730 for Building Equity Through Culturally Responsive Literature - Leigh Ann Burnell

Hopewell: $640 for STEM Enrichment for 8th Grade Science, Coding and Technology Classes - Andrea DeAngelis

Hopewell: $2,000 for Leemos para Aprender - Claudia Faulkner

Joe Lee Johnson: $1,000 for Classroom Carpets Come Alive - Kirsten Prudhomme

Live Oak: $870 for Outdoor Learning - Carol Hand-Bryan

McNeil: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits- AVID -Dan Nguyen

Pearson Ranch: $2,000 for Circle of Arts Friends - Stephanie Ludlow

Pond Springs: $2,000 for Fine Arts Got Talent: Art and Music Collaborative - Ellen Frazier

Purple Sage: $1,470 for Technology Enhancing Reading - Danielle Oehler

Ridgeview: $660 for Functional Feedback - Angela Floyd/Anita Savva

Ridgeview: $4,100 for Professional Sketching in CTE - Mat Bartley

Ridgeview: $1,000 for Principal Grant - Travis Mutscher

Robertson: $870 for Light Up Our Life - Melissa Toy

Round Rock: $3,500 for Discovering the Importance of Biology Through Student Directed Inquiry and Project Based Learning - Marla Menchaca

Round Rock: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits, AVID - Cynthia Clement

Round Rock: $1,000 for Principal Grant - Matt Groff

Round Rock: $3,500 for CAD Pattern Making and Plotter

Round Rock ISD Custodian Department: $1,000 for Motivational Gift Cards/Tools - Ruben Dominguez

Round Rock ISD Community Education Department: $2,000 for Parent Seminars - Kelly Martin

Round Rock ISD Curriculum Department: $2,600 for Argument Driven Inquiry - Askia Little

Round Rock ISD Curriculum Department: $2,200 for STEMFest 2020 - Darell Emanuel

Round Rock ISD Fine Art Department: $2,000 for Addressing Hunger in Round Rock - Tim Lowke

Round Rock ISD Future Readiness Department: $2,500 for AVID Senior Celebration - Dr. Lora Darden

Round Rock ISD Gifted and Advanced Academics Department: $5,000 for AP Exam Fee Scholarships - Michelle Swain

Round Rock ISD Professional Development Department: $1,000 for Professional Learning - Edie Binns

Round Rock ISD State and Federal Department: $1,500 for Meeting Homeless Youth Basic Needs - Desiree Le

Round Rock ISD State and Federal Department: $3,000 for Pre-K Rodeo and Rock Ready - Margo Vogelpohl

Round Rock Opportunity Center: $2,000 for Using Hydroponics and Ag-Science to Spark Interest in Biotech Careers -James Allen

Sommer ES: $2,000 for Book Club Bonanza! - Corianna Gagliardi and Amanda Williams

Spicewood ES: $1,500 for Facilitating Inquiry Through Participation Experiences - Alexandra Peoples

Stony Point HS: $2,500 for STEM Time with the Ambassadors of STEM - Pamala Bethke

Stony Point HS: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits, AVID - Staci Gammage

Success HS: $1,300 for Computer Science for All - Ellen Lukasik

Success HS: $2,000 for Phoenix Rising Young Men’s Service Group - Rodney Page

Success HS: $785 for Young Women’s Mentoring Group - Jo Moyer

Teravista ES: $1,072 for Seeing Myself in the Literacy Library - Stephanie Stoebe

Union Hill ES: $2,200 for Outdoor Classroom - Sandra Aguais

Walsh MS: $1,450 for Speak Up! Listen Up! Level Up! - Marlin Parrack

Westwood HS: $1,100 for Raising Awareness about Anxiety - Trissa Williams

Westwood HS: $1,360 for Reading Cultural Landscapes - Tim Bray

Westwood HS: $1,000 for Princeton Review Kits, AVID - Jessica Rinehart

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