Excellence in Education Grants

provides resources for campuses and departments to support

and execute innovative ideas, programs, materials, equipment,

and various other needs that enhance student learning.

Congratulations to the 2021-2022
Excellence in Education Grant Winners!
55 grants & $125,000 in funding

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for this years winners:

Westwood Learning Community

  • Canyon Creek Elementary Library, Julianne Bamford, A VIRTUAL Who's Who of Popular and Diverse Movers and Shakers, $2,598.00

  • Laurel Mountain Elementary, Tracy Defendorf, "We like good books and we cannot lie," $1,600.00

  • Purple Sage Elementary, Alayna Stoll, Makerspace Glow-Up, $4,921.00

  • Round Rock Opportunity Center, Gwendolyn Thomas, Leader in Me-Stephen Covey, $5,000.00

  • Spicewood Elementary, Ana Hoang, 1st Grade Innovation, $1,000.00

  • Westwood High School, Tim Bray, Voices from Austin's Country Music Scene and Beyond, $900.00


Stony Point Learning Community

  • Hernandez Middle School, Teri Flores, PE equipment, $1,500.00

  • Herrington Elementary, Kimberley Miller, Pathway to outdoor exploration, $1,420.00

  • Herrington Elementary, Kristen Castillo, As a Matter of Fact, I Can Subtract! (And multiply too!), $700.00

  • Herrington Elementary, Talitha Dixon, Pollinator Power, $515.00

  • Redbud Elementary, Shannon Houston, Representation Matters! Helping Teachers Build Culturally Relevant Classroom Libraries, $1,650.00

  • Robertson Elementary, Clover Bolton, Equity in Early Literacy, $4,000.00

  • Stony Point High School, Kathrine Lopez, Forensic Pathology, $2,355.00

  • Teravista Elementary, Danielle Doeckel, The Vend is Near: A Book Vending Machine to Engage and Excite Readers, $5,000.00

  • Union Hill Elementary, Roxanne Canamar, Picture Frames: From Waste to Decor Galore!, $500.00


Round Rock Learning Community

  • Bluebonnet Elementary, Tara Schnell, Meeting the Sensory needs of students, $618.00

  • Bluebonnet Elementary, Katie Elder, Learning Through Outdoor Play!, $941.00

  • Cactus Ranch Elementary, Rachel Walker, Music Play For All, $175.00

  • Cactus Ranch Elementary, Crystal Bridge, Read Naturally Live Readers Rock!, $690.00

  • Chisholm Trail Middle School, Kirby Williams, Diversity Rocks, $3,000.00

  • Deep Wood Elementary, Tina Risinger, Ready, Set, Middle School!!, $920.00

  • Great Oaks Elementary, Lindsay Brazell, Third-grade book study, $1,872.00

  • Great Oaks Elementary, Kristie Campo, Reading or Not--- Here We Come!, $2,500.00

  • Great Oaks Elementary, Staci Linson, Fidget to Focus, $570.00


McNeil Learning Community

  • Brushy Creek Elementary, Shelbi Roohms, Brushy Creek Campus Vegetable Garden, $4,900.00

  • Elementary DAEP, Amanda Sickert, Planting Seeds To Be Mindful, $2,771.00

  • England Elementary/Forest North Elementary, Susanne West/Angie Bell, 5th grade Art Collaboration Project, $700.00

  • Forest North Elementary, Richard Raney, Movie Making at Forest North Elementary, $216.00

  • Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy , Jamie Wright, Young Voices - Encouraging Readers Through Community Engagement, $646.00

  • Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy, Kimberly Sotello, Supporting the Sensational Brains of JLJ, $1,015.00

  • Joe Lee Johnson Elementary STEAM Academy, Rebecca Litovsky, Elementary Engineers: Weekly STEM Challenges, $1,500.00

  • Pearson Ranch Middle School, Amanda Bindel, Reading Rhumba: A Schoolwide Read-aloud, $840.00

  • Wells Branch Elementary Arts Integration Academy Elementary, Kari Maurer, Building Lifelong Readers, $2,500.00


Cedar Ridge Learning Community

  • Berkman Elementary Arts Integration Academy, Briana Malia, Shoes That Fit, $1,000.00

  • Berkman Elementary Arts Integration Academy, Jen Holsinger-Raybourn, Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls, $4,000.00

  • Blackland Prairie Elementary, Stephanie Inzana, Mobile Story Walk - Connecting with students through stories, $1,092.00

  • Callison Elementary School, Kathy Potral, The Mensa for Kids Reading Project, $633.00

  • CD Fulkes Middle School, Counselor, Vicki Gardiner, Counseling Program Resources, $295.00

  • Cedar Ridge High School, Jennifer Kaszuba, The intersection of life and art, $2,445.00

  • Cedar Ridge High School, Claire Jones, 2021 Global Read Aloud, $760.00

  • Forest Creek Elementary Library, Ella Elliott, Building connections and community with enrichment clubs, $882.00

  • Gattis Elementary, 5th Grade, DL Aissa, Fletcher, STEAM SEL Community Garden & Outdoor Learning Area, $1,200.00

  • Ridgeview Middle School, Jennifer Bingham, WEB leader fund for incoming 6th graders, $500.00

  • Ridgeview Middle School, Maryadele Troxler, Principal Grant, $840.00

  • Success High School, Alberto Perez, Phoenix Rising Young Men's Mentoring/Life Coaching Group, $2,000.00

  • Success High School, Ellen Lukasik, Let's Move Forward, $1,500.00

  • Voigt Elementary Arts Integration Academy, Hillel Davis, All Abilities Sensory Room, $2,027.00



  • Behavioral Health Services, Larissa Gomez, Coping Tools, $5,000.00

  • Brushy Creek Complex/Maintenance, David Hoedebeck, Safety Awareness, $1,000.00

  • Custodial Services, Ruben Dominguez, Motivational Tools, $1,000.00

  • Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion , DeWayne Street, Support of campus projects, $5,000.00

  • Fine Arts Department, Marla Valk, Dress a Dancer, $1,000.00

  • Future Readiness, Rebekah Van Ryn, AVID Senior Success, $2,000.00

  • Health Services Department, Brandy Hafner, Making Hearing Tests More Accessible, $2,040.00

  • Professional Development, Edie Binns, Round Rock ISD Virtual SummeRR Camp, $1,000.00

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