Vollne "Von" Kwallek Fine Arts Teacher's

Memorial Education Endowment

Von Kwallek Photo.JPG

In support of his former Fine Arts Teachers at Round Rock High School, Mr. Von Kwallek and his lovely wife Nancy have created the Vollne “Von” Kwallek Fine Arts Teacher’s Memorial Education Endowment through the Round Rock Independent School District’s Partners in Education Foundation.  Von taught visual arts at Round Rock High School for 19 years serving hundreds of students.  As an art teacher, he generously spent his own money to support his students with art supplies and materials.  With his fellow former staff members in mind, he and his wife have created this $30,000 Endowment fund to support art teachers at Round Rock High School by providing grants for new classroom supplies.  Tax-deductible donations can be made directly to this endowment through the donate button below.  The family will receive a card notifying them that a gift has been made in honor of Von.