The Simon Memorial Scholarship

Mr and Mrs Simon.png

The Simon Memorial Scholarship is meant to honor and celebrate the lives of our beloved father, Norbert L. Simon and our beloved mother, Irene C. Simon.  They both came from poor working class Depression era families and, through hard work and discipline managed to raise four children and inspire several grandchildren who have successfully south professions in trades and higher education.  Both our parents believed the best way to live one's life was to work towards being independent and debt free while being grateful for these opportunities by giving time back to the community through projects such as Habitat for Humanity and the Salvation Army.  Thus, we are honoring them with a scholarship that helps young

Success High School graduates to accomplish similar goals.

Requirements to apply for this scholarship include the following: must be a Success High School graduate seeking a career in trades (such as esthetician training, cosmetology, electrical, plumbing, HVAC or auto mechanic work), a certificate program (such as x-ray technician, veterinary assistant, paralegal or court reporter), or higher education starting at the Community College level in areas such as Economics, Criminal Justice or Nursing.