Support Education Year-Round

Our Teacher and Staff are dedicated to making every year the best year for their students. Not only do they give their time and talent to education Round Rock ISD students, but they invest their personal treasure in giving back during the Partners in Education Foundation Employee Giving Campaign. Join them by giving back too through the "Strong Foundation, Bright Future" Campaign.


Our Goal = $120,000

Alumni donating $10 per month for education and 1,000 community members!

A small monthly gift, with a BIG lasting impact in our schools!

Strong Foundation, Bright Future

EVERY DOLLAR DONATED supports the Round Rock ISD Partners in Education Foundations' mission to develop and allocate resources for Round Rock Independent School District to enrich, enhance, and maximize the quality of education for all students through the following initiatives:

  • Providing funds for innovative academic programs
  • Acknowledging and rewarding exemplary teaching
  • Promoting public awareness and celebrating successful programs and achievement of excellence

Did you graduate from Round Rock ISD? Check out who is participating in this year’s Annual Campaign


“As a PIE Foundation Board Member, the most important thing is that our future leaders of society are educated and can get the most out of their experience in this district. If there is anything I can do to give back and help make it happen, I’m all for it. Without innovation, our society won’t continue to move forward and stimulating future generations to help provide better ideas and practices is important through any education foundation. My favorite program is the Scholarships given to graduating seniors. I enjoy being a part of the review committee as nothing compares to the feeling when you get to let a graduate know they are receiving a scholarship through the PIE Foundation.” - Josh Gonzalez, Longhorn Imaging & PIE Foundation Board Member
“It’s important for the community and businesses of Round Rock and Austin area to be actively engaged with the PIE Foundation because PIE is helping make our schools better which in turn helps our community stronger, therefore attracting businesses to the area so it’s a win-win situation for everyone! I happily volunteer for the Foundation because I truly believe in what they are doing. It’s ALL about the students and staff of Round Rock ISD. The PIE Foundation has two amazing programs that are my favorite, the Resource Boutique and the Teacher of the Year ceremony. Both of these programs support a group very near and dear to my heart, at-risk students and teachers.” - Amber Feller, Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees and PIE Foundation Board Member
“Bluebonnet values its partnership with the PIEF for many reasons. Our students and families have greatly benefited from its generosity ranging from school supplies to teacher grants. The programs that the PIEF sponsors benefits every campus across our district, regardless of socio-economic status. This organization consistently builds community partnerships with the City of Round Rock city and area businesses with the intent to support public education. I am proud of the service the PIEF continues to provide to the families of my community.” - Sam Soto, Jr, Principal Bluebonnet Elementary
“The PIE foundation has been instrumental in creating experiences and spaces at Berkman for our students, families, community, and staff. Round Rock ISD PIE Foundation is a partner in our student's educational journey- from partnering with school supplies at the beginning of the school year to finding innovative ways to dream big in creating instructional spaces (such as our new interactive library space) to helping to ensure every child has the needed food and other supplies when unexpected emergencies happen. It is important to me to have the Education Foundation as part of the work we do in Round Rock ISD because they are always looking for opportunities to partner with campuses so that each student has what they need to reach their full potential.” - April Nilson, Principal Berkman Elementary
“The PIE foundation is a crucial partner for the school campus. As a school principal, I knew that I could count on the support of the PIE foundation for school supplies and grants to let us branch out from the norm and create positive learning environments for our students. This included help with an outdoor classroom, flexible furniture for classrooms, technology needs, parenting programs, and diversity in novel selections for our students. Without help from PIE, it would have taken me several years to fund these requests. PIE is the epitome of community support. It is refreshing and positive to know that the community is supporting the education for all of our students in the district. I love all the programs that PIE offers, but one of my favorites is teacher grants. It is cool to see the creativity of teachers and schools in regards to their requests and improvements. Anytime that PIE is present, I know that they are going to make principals and teachers feel extra special!” - Travis Mutscher, Area Superintendent Stony Point Learning Community
“The PIE Foundation has proven to be a huge support for the Herrington community. Not only do they provide school supplies, they also provide grants so that our teachers can stretch their creative minds and meet students' needs in unique and important ways. In the past, they have also helped get donations or items to help increase staff morale as well as find venues and opportunities for our staff to engage in professional development and team building. They are absolutely committed to helping campus staff meet any need that arises within our school community. Thank you, PIE, for truly being a Partner with us.” - Julie Nelson, Principal Herrington Elementary
“Being part of the Teacher Grant Review Committee is one of my favorite PIE Foundation programs. Personally, I want to help every student reach their full potential so that is why I give my time, treasure and talent as a Board Member. It takes a community working together to educate all students to help our community thrive and grow.” - Kelly Moreno, PIE Foundation Board Member
“I really love being a part of the school supplies drive. It is very much a tangible way for the community to help and serve the kiddos in our district with something very practical. I enjoy getting to be a part of the sorting and passing out. It is so neat to see all of the volunteers and community coming together to make a difference to kids starting school. I love Round Rock. I love the community that we live in and the school district reaches so many of those families in so many walks of life. It is such a great way to really get plugged into the community and serve. I think it is important for myself and others to fund innovation through the Foundation because of the impact it makes in such a huge way to the community, including the teachers, the students and their families. We can really make a difference in the lives of so many by supporting. Because not only are you supporting the here and now, but their futures. You are making a long term impact to so many.” - Michelle Breeden, Austin YMCA & PIE Foundation Board Member
“I love serving on the Scholarship Review committee. It’s very rewarding to be part of the process to award scholarship dollars to exceptional, college bound students in our community. I currently have three children in Round Rock ISD, and two others who have graduated. I highly value the quality of the education that my children have received in Round Rock ISD, and serving as a PIE Board Member is a meaningful way to contribute back to the district by supporting the students and teachers. I see the work that the Foundation does in the Round Rock ISD community and I truly believe that their work makes a difference in students' and teacher’s lives every day. I have had the privilege of reading teacher grants proposals for several years. The innovative ideas that Round Rock ISD teachers want to pursue to improve the outcomes for their students are truly inspiring. Funding from the community and businesses allows the Foundation to support these teachers so that they have the opportunity to innovate and help their students advance.” - Leasa Neaves, VMware & PIE Foundation Board Member
“The PIE Foundation has allowed our Social Worker team to provide food and other basic needs to students and families immediately. Oftentimes when families need support, resources in the community can take time to get connected to... thanks to PIE's Resource Boutique families get immediate assistance. They fill in gaps, provide funding, supplies, and support in areas that would not be addressed otherwise.Lives are changed because of the resources found in the Resource Boutique.” - Dr. Amy Grosso, Round Rock ISD Director of Behavioral Health Services
“Teacher of the Year is a program that places a spotlight on select educators from each Round Rock ISD campus and shares all of the wonderful contributions they’ve made throughout the year. It is my favorite program to support. In addition, our students are the ultimate benefactors and they deserve the best educational experience Round Rock ISD has to offer. The district cannot do it alone. We are all stakeholders and I get to help provide support through the PIE Foundation as a Board Member. It’s public school folks, and there is only so much funding the district receives. The Round Rock ISD Partners in Education Foundation’s purpose is to help provide additional funding to the district through its various programs. The foundation is able to accomplish this with its vast network of business and community partners. Our students will need jobs after they graduate, having a relationship with local businesses creates additional career opportunities for those who want to stay in Round Rock.” - La Tricia Bradshaw, A+ Federal Credit Union & PIE Foundation Board Member
“The PIE Foundation has partnered with Success High School to allow the campus to create and enhance opportunities for our students. Various grant awards for our staff provided opportunities for mentoring programs, creation of a student run school store, athletic jerseys, health and wellness activities, as well as celebrations. Additionally, through scholarships, students realized they could advance on to post-secondary opportunities. The Education Foundation is essential to Round Rock ISD as it provides a partnership that assists in addressing the needs of our students and families. The Foundation stepped up with the creation of a boutique to provide needed items to our families (food, clothing, etc...). Additionally, the leadership of this Foundation collaborates with the district to find innovative ways to support staff through incentive programs, gift card donations and more. I cannot state that I have a specific program that is my favorite and I say this because the PIE Foundation does so much for our students and staff. All of the programs that the PIE Foundation has done are at such a high level and that impact is truly unmeasurable.” - Jerrod Gertsema, Principal Success High School