Adrian Zamarripa Memorial Fine Arts Fund Scholarship

Adrian Zamarripa Photo.JPG

Adrian Zamarripa, the son of Sebastian Zamarripa, Jr. and Lillie Delgado, was born and raised in Round Rock, Texas. He attended Berkman Elementary School, C.D. Fulkes Middle School, and graduated from Round Rock High School in 1991.


After graduation, he became a dedicated IT Systems Analyst in the legal field. When diagnosed with cancer in early 2018, he remained committed to his work, continuing to go into the office even though he was exhausted and feeling ill after each chemo treatment. Despite all this, he never complained about working while he was ill. Adrian attributed his strong work ethic to his mom, Lillie, who worked for the Round Rock ISD for 42 years. She would never let him miss a day of school no matter how much he wanted to stay home. He was one of those rare kids who received awards for perfect attendance well beyond the elementary school years


Adrian had a deep love for music and was a self-taught guitarist and pianist. He owned over 20 guitars and was enthusiastic about each one. His toddler nephews always giggled with delight when their uncle Adrian played the piano for them. He appreciated all genres of music, and he attended hundreds of live music events in his lifetime.


Some of Adrian’s favorite artists were Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, and Michael Jackson. The only time Adrian voiced any complaints during his illness is when the neuropathy from the chemo set in and he found it difficult to play his guitar as precisely as he was accustomed to doing. He continued to play nonetheless, and he cherished his time alone at home where he could find solitude playing either his guitar or piano. It was during these times that he was able to let out his emotions in the flow of the music and find peace.


The Adrian Zamarripa Memorial Fine Arts Fund Scholarship is established by family and friends to support private lessons and the purchase of instruments for students in need. This Scholarship fund will support the musical talents of Round Rock ISD students.  Donations are now being accepted to the Scholarship in Adrian’s honor to continue his legacy and love of music.