2019 Scholarship Recipients

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April K. Gunter Memorial Scholarship

Claire Tinker - Westwood High School 

Mallory Harwick - Round Rock High School

Be Present Project Scholarship in Memory of Tret Laine Wells

Adriana Garcia - Stony Point High School

Eric Rabushka Memorial Scholarship

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Kobe Yepez - Round Rock High School

Sierra Vargas - Round Rock High School

Justin Boen AVID Scholarship

Christiana McClellan - McNeil High School

Justin Boen Memorial Scholarship

Cade Webber - Round Rock High School

Lille C. Delgado Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer Oakes Cazares - Cedar Ridge High School

Marsha Swenson Memorial Scholarship

Madyson Smith - Success High School

Samantha Beltran - Success High School

Michael Murillo III Memorial Scholarship

Thunyathorn Jaruves - Stony Point High School 

Officer Charles Whites Round Rock Police Officer Association Memorial Scholarship

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Jacob Pilcher - Cedar Ridge High School

Raymond E. Hartfield Memorial Scholarship

Simran Shah - Round Rock High School

Eunbin Cho - McNeil High School

Sameer Jain - Westwood High School 

PIEF: George G. Mooney Memorial Scholarship

Eunbin Cho - McNeil High School

PIEF: Michael Clarke Memorial Scholarship

Celine Nguyen - McNeil High School

Ryan Cole Murphy Memorial Scholarship

Zane Kampfer - McNeil High School

Sean Kelley Memorial Scholarship

Adriana Garcia - Stony Point High School

Gregory Boudreau - Stony Point High School

Susan C. Brown Memorial Scholarship

Gabriella Garcia - Westwood High School

Claire Tinker - Westwood High School

Maryann Chidume - Cedar Ridge High School

Claire Albertson - Round Rock High School

Lily Gulley - Round Rock High School

#TeamJana Memorial Scholarship

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Mark Viloria - Round Rock High School

Stella Anagnos - Round Rock High School

Tracy L. Gillies Memorial Scholarship

Adriana Garcia - Stony Point High School

Aaron Williams Honorary Special Education Scholarship

Erin Richardson - McNeil High School 

Irene C. Simon Honorary Scholarship

Erin Willis - Success High School

Jan Sartain Leader in Education Honorary Scholarship

Sheryl Lawrence - Round Rock High School

Emma Compton - Round Rock High School

Ryan Kamalani Luke Honorary Scholarship

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Emily Hayes - Stony Point High School

Rosalinda Reyes - Stony Point High School

Concordia University Scholarship

John Hocher - Round Rock High School

Brianna Lopez - Cedar Ridge High School

Riley Becker - Cedar Ridge High School

Isaiah Ivarra - Stony Point High School

Anakaren Rivera - Stony Point High School

Ekaterina Casillas - McNeil High School

Megan Capozziello - McNeil High School

Riley Smith - Westwood High School

Shelby Howard - Westwood High School

Feller Kanga Roof Construction Education Scholarship

Dalton Zwart - Cedar Ridge High School

Sean Thornton - Stony Point High School

Brandon Aguirre - Cedar Ridge High School

Hindu Charities for America Scholarship

Jackson Kelso - Round Rock High School

Jessica Currah - Westwood High School

Ruth Temesgen - Success High School

Cathy Ha - McNeil High School

Halley Wilson - Cedar Ridge High School

Invest in Success Scholarship

Frankie Flores - Success High School

Round Rock High School Reunion Association Scholarship

Alyssa Bryan - Round Rock High School

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